Day 13 Codename warehouse


Hi, this is my first devlog post. According to git log, it’s been 13 days I’m developing this game. It doesn’t have title yet. Let’s just call it “Warehouse”.

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As you can see in the gif, there are 2 area. On the right, we have moving blocks. On the left, we have boxes with 4 colors (green, yellow, blue, red).


Basically, you have to destroy block on the right using available boxes in the left. To destroy the block, you have to match block pattern & color with box on the left. Use purple boxes to shift boxes horizontally or vertically. Then, if you found the right pattern & color, just drag your mouse to make pattern. Poff!! Block on the right will disappear.

Future Plan

This is just a beginning. Still far from finish. I hope this doesn’t not take more than 3 months. I want to release it in Steam and maybe mobile.


NB: The main reason I post this devlog is I want to improve my English writing. I hope I will write more frequently.

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