Update April – Gameplay Change

It’s been awhile since last post. It’s really slow progress. At that time, I playtested with my fellow devs. Got some insightful idea. This is my game look like at the last update.

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Here are some updates I made since last post.

First skin

This game will contain some skins. At the beginning of the game, you only get 1 or 2 skins. You will get moreĀ  unlockable skins as you play. Since my artist friend can’t help me right now and I’m only designer wannabe programmer, I designed really simple & minimalist first skin.

I use orthographic camera with certain rotation setting, to show 2d gameplay but still maintain 3d feeling.

Tetris-like block

I made drastic change on the right side of panel. At the last update, right panel looked like a queue track. My friend told me, right panel was confusing him. He suggested to make it like tetris stack.

No more shifting buttons

At the last update, you’ll notice some purple buttons surrounding left panel. I decided to get rid all of them. To shifting boxes, you can drag with right button mouse.

Blocks appearance

Before i stick with current block design, this is how typical blocks looked like.

The problem arise when 2 blocks with same color is stacking.

You can’t tell what this stacking block consist of. Is that 2 blocks? Or just 1 block?

I made several alternative designs to solve this problem.

None of these are good enough or, I’m just bad designer. So I use this good old simple tetris design.


That’s it for today update. I hope I can post update more often.

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