About Me

Hi, my name is Ahmad Rifai. I’m a mobile and game programmer.

Over period of time, technology changing rapidly. I know I can’t master all of tech, library, or framework. So, I decided to stick with mobile and game development.

Here are what I’m mostly work with

  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Urho3D (C/C++, Angelscript, HTML5, Javascript)
  • Unreal Engine (Blueprint, C++)
  • Native Android (Android Studio, Java)
  • React Native (Javascript)

You can check my portfolio here. –> yes, click right here

In my spare time I love to run from responsibility. I’m an avid runner. I have run my first Half Marathon in 2019 and now on my way to first Full Marathon.

Who’s Bocil? Bocil was my cat. She’s gone missing on June 2016. ???