Laravel login using username or email

Laravel comes with their own auth system, so you don’t have to build login, registration, and authentication system from scratch.

By default, Laravel uses email for authentication. If you want to use username, you have to make little tweak to your controller as explained in their documentation.

But, what if you want to use either email or username for authentication? In this post, I’ll show you how to do that.

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Using ADB through WIFI for Android Development

Most of the time, I use emulator for android development. But, using emulator can eat my memory and slowing down my development. Doesn’t help that the fact that Android Studio also take most of my desktop resource.

Real device deployment is way to go. But, sometimes dealing with USB cable is not pleasant experience. So, the solution is using WiFi to connect with my device.

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Where Are My Pets?


Where Are My Pets? is a logic puzzle game about finding the location of your pets and other objects. Each room has several possible objects and you have to decide which objects are actually in that room. You will be given some clues that show the relation between two objects.

Platform : HTML5

Released : 2018


I came up with the idea from an old game, Inspector Parker. I made this game with a friend. I did all code and he did the art & assets.


  • Openfl (Haxe)

She and the Light Bearer


She and the Light Bearer is a point and click adventure game, a poem, a fairy tale. Take a journey inside a vibrantly colored forest, meet silly creatures, listen to serene folk music, and discover somber secrets.

Platform : Steam

Released : 2019


I worked as a contractor programmer on Mojiken Studio. Game is made on Unity3D. Even though the game is using Fungus, the game is not 100% visual novel. I made some mini games & its integration to Fungus system. Worked for 2 years on this project.


  • Unity3D (Game engine with C#)
  • Fungus (Unity Framework for Visual Novel aspect of the game)

Bolderline – Brick Matching Game


Bolderline is a brand new minimalist puzzle game with colorful blocks that will challenge your brain.

Your goal is to destroy the blocks in the top left area using bricks on the bottom side. You must arrange the bricks with the same color to match the shape of the block and then connect them to destroy it!

Platform : Android, HTML5

Released : 2018


I programmed a whole game from gameplay, UI, testing, level design, and integration to google play & kongregate.

I used Urho3D as game engine with angelscript as gameplay programming language & C/C++ as engine programming language.

I also integrated android version to Google Play Service with Android Studio using mixed code from C & Java(JNI).


  • Urho3D (Game Engine with Angelscript & C/C++)
  • Android Studio (Android Integration with Java & C)
  • HTML5 with Emscripten (C++ & Javascript)